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  • Regular Season ends Friday June 4th 
  • Minors and JV have split playoff brackets (A and a B). A teams do not play B teams and vice versa.
  • Playoffs begin the week of Sunday June 6th
  • Double Elimination


Managers and Coaches - We have re-worked the schedule thru the end of the Playoffs based on the rain and washout situation we had this week. Many games have changed to accomodate field usage and umpire availability. Please make note of the changes for your next games and also any subsequent games after that. We also reserve the option to continue to move games if we have to (usually circumstances out of our control such as field conflict or umpire coverage).

Some other notes:

  • We have added 2 umpires to Varsity games starting in the later rounds (June 15th forwards)
  • We have added 2 umpires for the Minors and JV championship games
  • Please be ready with additional umpire fees for these games


(Use the Drop Down at the top of the Tourney Bracket link to choose your division)

Master Tourney Bracket Link


Second Championship Game (if necessary)

In the event of the team in the winners bracket loses the scheduled Championship game a 2nd Championship game must be played. Those games are scheduled as follows:

Minors B - Weds 6/23 6pm @ 68th Precinct Field

Minors A - Thurs 6/24 6pm @ St Pats Field